donderdag 7 februari 2013

Trinidad at Chacaramas (English version for Our international friends)

since end of last week we came into the bay of Chacaramas,at first went to immigration and customs and because Our fridge was broken we called at fast Fred THE local American boatinhabitant from THE Liberty who could do THE job and so Cold Keath came in and did his job.It was just a higher pressure in THE compressor because THE system was filled in Holland in a different temperature and baromatic pressure.We came into THE harbour of Tropical Marina to do some jobs on THE boat as Trinidad is THE place to do It.A new gauge for THE exhaust system and some wending on It and a new rubber connection.Also we fixed THE flax cord from THE rudder to prevent water dropping in. And gave It a Nice grease.beside It all we visited THE Carnaval for which Trinidad is famous.

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